Pick and Pitch


Soraya Berent : Vocals / St├ęphane Fisch : Doublebass, Electric Bass

New Album : “time to remember”


Design/graphisme : Jeremie Mercier

Listen to tracks from “time to remember”

1. time to remember

(“Time remembered” Music : Bill Evans / Lyrics : Paul Lewis)

2. good bye

(“Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” Music : Charles Mingus / Lyrics : Roland Kirk)

3. soul ville

(“Soulville” Music & Lyrics : Horace Silver)

4. dock off

(“The Dock of the Bay” Music & Lyrics : Otis Redding)

5. well you need not

(“Well You Needn’t” Music : Thelonious Monk / Lyrics : Mike Ferro)

6. my favorite

(“My Favourite Things” Music : Richard Rodgers / Lyrics : Soraya Berent)

7. in walked but

(“In Walked Bud” Music : Thelonious Monk / Lyrics : Jon Hendricks)

8. it’s been so long

(Music & Lyrics : Avishai Cohen)



Next Concerts :

Saturday October 3rd @ AMR, Geneva



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